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Youth Services - Employment
Interview Process

As with most employment, all youth participate in an interview process. The interview is an opportunity for youth to showcase themselves and for Fresh Start to understand their situation. Then, in a joint effort, the youth and Fresh Start carve out a path that is best suited to them in pursuit of a “fresh start”.

Fresh Start employment has three levels:
  • Entry level
  • Trade Level
  • Employment independent of Fresh Start

Entry Level Employment

Each participant begins with entry level employment. They work closely with a mentor in an effort to develop the skills/work ethic required to perform the task. At this point, we assess:
  • Level of Commitment
    • Do they show up for work?
    • Are they on time?
  • Performance on the job
    • Willingness to work
    • Willingness to learn
  • Demeanour
    • Courteous/Polite
    • Attitude
  • Integrity
    • Honest
  • Ability to work with public/co-workers
Mentorship for youth is provided at this level in an effort to secure the best possible outcome for success. When youth demonstrate their ability to handle the basic requirements of a job, they are able to advance to the next level.

Trade Level Employment

At this level, when possible, youth are placed in jobs that are more suited to their personal interest and skill level. Fresh Start provides opportunity in trades such as stucco, construction, drywall, welding, machining, secretarial, reception, etc. This employment level develops trade skill that becomes a marketable asset for youth. Mentoring at this level occurs behind the scenes.

Employment Independent of Fresh Start

The ultimate goal for young men and women at Fresh Start is that employment is secured and maintained independent of Fresh Start. One of two possibilities are available at this level:

  • Youth demonstrate their potential at their work placement and are hired by that employer.
  • Youth have gained the necessary experience and references to successfully find employment elsewhere.

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